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Academy type 'S' API 16A Monogrammed Spherical BOP

Spherical BOP

Academy Spherical Blowout Preventors are a compact annular BOP designed to seal reliably on almost any size or shape of object in the wellbore (ex: drill pipe, kellys, casing and wirelines). They can also be used to maintain pressure control while stripping pipe into and out of the hole and they incorporate specific design features to suit snubbing applications. Academy BOPs were originally designed to withstand the rigors and harsh environment of the Canadian oilfield, but these rugged, reliable BOPs are now in service from China and Australia to the frozen Arctic.


  • Designed and monogrammed as per API 16A specification
  • Simple, reliable design & construction:
    • Only five major components
    • Only two connections needed for Hydraulic System
    • Wear rings are supplied on moving parts to maximize the life of steel components and seals
    • Seal element can be changed without contaminating the hydraulic system
    • Manufactured from high quality steel forgings
  • Compact design, lower overall height than most other BOPs
  • Rated for Sour H2S Service as defined by API 15A & NACE MR-0175
  • Suitable for low temperature applications
  • Full opening bore

Spherical BOP section

Design principle

When hydraulic fluid is pumped into the closing port it fills the closing chamber below the piston, causing the piston to rise. The rising piston pushes on the seal element which then rides upwards and inwards on the spherical profile of the lid. As the sealing element is squeezed into the well bore, it will contact and seal on any size or shape of object in the well bore. If there is no object in the bore, the sealing element will continue to squeeze shut until it seels of the entire bore.

Operating characteristics (7 1/16 - 5000 model only)

Rated Working Pressure5000 PSI (34.5 MPa)
Test Pressure7500 PSI (51.7 MPa)
Hydraulic System Operating Pressure1500 PSI (10.3 MPa)
Hydraulic Chamber Test Pressure4500 psi (31.0 MPa)
Overall Height (w/o Flange Studs)30.91 inches (785 mm)
Maximum Outside Diameter29.00 inches (737 mm)
Weight (w/o Sealing Element)3050 lbs (1383 kg)

Spherical BOP parts list

Spherical BOP Parts

1Lower Housing1
2Upper Housing (lid)1
4Adapter Ring1
5Element (Supplied Separately)1
6Retainer Tab2
8Stud (for Bolted Cover)24
9Nut (for Bolted Cover)24
10Stud (for Flanged Connection)12
11Nut (for Flanged Connection)12
12O-Ring, Adapter Ring (Inner)1
13O-Ring, Adapter Ring (Outer)1
14Hydraulic Seal, Adapter Ring (Upper)1
15Hydraulic Seal, Adapter Ring (Lower)1
16Hydraulic Seal, Lower Housing (Upper)1
17Hydraulic Seal, Lower Housing (Lower)2
18Hydraulic Seal, Piston2
19Wear Band, Piston2
20Wear Band, Lower Housing1
21Wear Band, Adapter Ring1