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Academy Type RS-100 Tubing Stripper

Tubing Stripper

Academy Type RS-100 Tubing Stripper provides a safe and economical means for stripping long strings of tubing or drill pipe in or out of the well under pressure. The body and cap of the RS-100 are fabricated from high-strength steel for long, trouble-free service and economical operation and maintenance.

The RS-100 Tubing Stripper can be used in combination with an Annual Blowout Preventor for stripping long strings of tubing or drilling pipe under pressure. In this configuration, the annual BOP is operated only to seal off the wellbore in the event of emergency, or when passing oversized joints and hangers. By using the combination of an annular BOP and a stripper head, the point of seal can be transferred either above or below the oversized component. This eliminates the need to strip these through a closed unit.

The RS-100 Tubing Stripper comes with a 7 1/16 - 3000 or a 7 1/16 - 5000 bottom connector flange, with a maximum working pressure of 3000 PSI. They are hydrotested to 4500 PSI.

Physical data

Bottom connector API flange7 1/16 - 30007 1/16 - 5000
Height21 3/4”23 1/2”
Diameter14”14 1/2”
Bore Through Body7 1/16”7 1/16”
Bore Through Cap6 3/8”6 3/8”
Max. Working Pressure Rating3000 PSI3000 PSI

Tubing Stripper Drawing

Parts list

ItemPart No.DescriptionQty
1TS-7.06-xxx-RS-100Body of Stripping Head, 7 1/16” 3000/5000, Type ‘RS-100’1
2TS-SEAL-RSCap Seal, Buna, RS-1001
3RS-7.06-xxx-CAPStripper Cap Head, 7 1/6” 3000/5000 Type ‘RS-100’1

Note: Rubber elements, slip bowl and slips are not supplied.